Best. Unboxing. Ever.
This mouse has a FAN!
The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast
The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast 2 hours ago
The charisma vacuum is real...
chinmay walinjkar
chinmay walinjkar 2 hours ago
I'm here after watching this phone win mkbhd's blind camera test.
Joseph Arthur
Joseph Arthur 3 hours ago
ok, so i will make linus his own "ringing endorsement" of the m1 "so yea, most women just want a man. and yea, if you just want a man, there is no reason linus wouldn't be totally fine. I mean I am not blown away, but yea he is fine.
Mr Bull
Mr Bull 3 hours ago
Where can one go for the best set up of 3 ASUS routers in one home?
Ryan Aun
Ryan Aun 3 hours ago
I need more content of James doing karaoke!
ChevronQ 3 hours ago
only one criticism: nobody outside the US uses imperial.
GeniuSupermodel Actress
GeniuSupermodel Actress 3 hours ago
Apple is about to make AMD, Intel and even last gen Mac buyers very triggered with the M1X
American Fry
American Fry 3 hours ago
Keep in mind “pre production”
TritonB7 3 hours ago
Are you sure that construction noise wasn't the autofocus motor?
john 3 hours ago
That’s crazy your from Newfoundland
Jordan Wolf
Jordan Wolf 4 hours ago
Yo I love the case where can I get one?
Light Foot
Light Foot 4 hours ago
4:25 I joibed Lius Tech Tips for this moment 4:45
Krishna Kumara
Krishna Kumara 4 hours ago
10:58 especially his teeth
GG Cracks
GG Cracks 4 hours ago
I’m 12
GG Cracks
GG Cracks 4 hours ago
Ok that no nozzle gives you a stiffy curvey
Columbia River OutDoorsMen
Columbia River OutDoorsMen 4 hours ago
fans want a headphone jack.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 4 hours ago
So get this. If you use a screen protector and a case on the mini the screen can stop responding hurray
Hexdööd 4 hours ago
>non crt no its not
Josh John
Josh John 4 hours ago
Linus should really check out the Galaxy Watch 3, I've had one for a few weeks and its wonderful.
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith 4 hours ago
I like the shipping cone that they stuck to make sure the shipping service wouldn't crush the machine.
homunyan 4 hours ago
2005-era router hit with an embiggening ray
Danish Farid
Danish Farid 5 hours ago
Who came here from MKBHD's blind smartphone camera comparison? Ayy
XXIV 5 hours ago
Bruh wrong headphones
Ramon _
Ramon _ 5 hours ago
I have a older hp envy x360 with a ryzen 5 2500u and I've noticed they took good care of cooling as if it was always made for more, I've increased tdp and changed gpu clock speed, it definitely isn't a gaming machine but it is always fun to have a simple portable way to game on
aquilesriffo 5 hours ago
We can't stop using our ISP modem / router when our IPTV are only compatible with the one provided by the company.... and it is free !
Aryan Gill
Aryan Gill 5 hours ago
Do they have the 3080 or 3090 now
Jesse JTT
Jesse JTT 5 hours ago
I just spoke with Acer, they told me that their is no extra slots for adding another SSD. The technician told me that it only has one for the main SSD but none other.
phasp001 5 hours ago
The building is actually in Sunny Isles Beach, which is close to Miami, not Orlando. Fun Fact, when they were originally selling the units, each unit included a Porsche car in the sale.
Wan Wai
Wan Wai 5 hours ago
Dose it support vesa mounting?
Pablo R
Pablo R 5 hours ago
you can save the games to a hard disk after buying them?
Clay3613 5 hours ago
Came here after it won smartphone camera of the year from Marques Brownlee.
Luis Destefani
Luis Destefani 5 hours ago
Bjay AwesomeBlackDude
Bjay AwesomeBlackDude 5 hours ago
Who's hamming? 😩😷
cenk atalan
cenk atalan 5 hours ago
No wireless charning. Ok but why?
richardfrieman 5 hours ago
“Most lenses bottom out at 1.4.” Uhhhhhhhh try 2 or 2.8 for most Fuji lenses under $1000.
youpa 6 hours ago
Omg I hate James.
AtomicMuffin 6 hours ago
"Wow, this Leica is SOFT!!" Me: I totally understand what's going on, totally.
sparkdaniel 6 hours ago
Upvote for the Crab song
tubeforthoughts 6 hours ago
"Maybe its not that bad" *Acer logo*
costumrobo 6 hours ago
I NEED to know the names of the songs used in this video
triboNT 6 hours ago
heavy handed.
B-Mac *JSP
B-Mac *JSP 6 hours ago
Unnoticed my volume was high... but uhh..,. rough loud start...
PardonMySanity 6 hours ago
No chair on earth should be worth $1500, I don't care if it personally services me while I play video games you guys don't know the value of money
Selim Yigiter
Selim Yigiter 7 hours ago
I wish I had a phone like that phones have fake keyboards phones copied computers OR maybe..... computers copied phones? Witch one was made first? is it true? How do you know? if you know the answer to this mystery reply to my comment and leave a like if your thinking the same Thing as me!
Fieryawesomeness 7 hours ago
Next up, Nikkor f/0.95 Noct. :)
XIMGameplay 7 hours ago
We need more Brandon-Camera Videos! :)
GallopingWalrus 7 hours ago
I can't believe Alex is praising the cowardice of the 16:10 display. Especially after using the Surface Laptop for so long. Huawei, Microsoft, Google, Acer and a few others have seen the light. 16:10 is heresy. A cowards compromise between the Gamer's/Media Consumer's 16:9 and the Productivity centered 3:2. All praise be unto 3:2, our lord and saviour.
BOB SAGET 7 hours ago
Still no gyro... Still garbage...
one boss
one boss 8 hours ago
S20 fe 5g has hdr+ tho....?!
Key1595 8 hours ago
lunatic amadeus
lunatic amadeus 8 hours ago
huge.? don.t worry they will release slim ver.
Mark Schafer
Mark Schafer 8 hours ago
Just a note that the latest 1009.3 Firmware fixes the AS flicker issue. Confirmed here!!!
Turnerbros 8 hours ago
Gavin Cato
Gavin Cato 8 hours ago
There are plenty of Leica auto focus lenses. Just the M series only are manual. If you used a sl2 with the sl 50 1.4 it would blow your mind.
Turnerbros 8 hours ago
I hate the thumbnail on this vid with every bone in my body
MrSomnix 8 hours ago
Cameras feel like a topic that LMG havent really gotten into apart from spending absurd amounts of money on them. These SC videos about random camera equipment are by far my favorite.
Tomás Santos
Tomás Santos 8 hours ago
Hi, Brandon, I want a DSLR for Christmas under 400. I use my father's 14-year-old d70. Thanks
CaNeSaZeNo 8 hours ago
Can you cover backbone
Chris Shoup
Chris Shoup 8 hours ago
Linus wearing a mask. Thanks for being a good example!
BREEZE_FPS 9 hours ago
I wanted to ask you all if any1 know if the new Logitech G PRO X Superlight Wireless Gaming will be released on December 3rd in Europe too, like on Serbia and countries like that. I'm not in the US because of the COVID and I have the money to buy one :(
Antonio de Bari
Antonio de Bari 9 hours ago
Si ma tagliati i capelli
CybershamanX 9 hours ago
What is this channel... Hey! There's Linus! WTF!?!? I guess I'm subbing! :P
Fernando MP
Fernando MP 9 hours ago
Why the hell did you shoot a 400 ISO?
FrOsTyBeArKiD 9 hours ago
Still waiting on the full review 2 months later
Dr. Etzor
Dr. Etzor 9 hours ago
> 12K 60fps "Okay... can't see that" > 8K 120fps "Nope." > 4K 240fps "...Where's the door?"
SlightlyFrozen 9 hours ago
What's pounds? Can we please use metric primarily and have it converted to imperial instead? Come on guys, you are based in Canada.
Salman 9 hours ago
50mm f1 = 75mm f1.5 full frame equivalent. So saying very few lenses are f1.0 is irrelevant
Karam ali
Karam ali 9 hours ago
I mean you couldn't hide ypur hate for Chinese phones even if you tried Not all people are willing to buy phones without value like you
mummohacker 9 hours ago
"We have some construction going on, that's the air compressor lines getting installed" Behind the wall: Brian the electrician
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar 10 hours ago
For the love of God.. Can you please make a video where you compare fuji vs canon vs Sony vs leica vs Hasselblad for colors alone? Please. That would make your channel & all photography reviews better.
Jayden Mayne
Jayden Mayne 10 hours ago
The real question is does it break as fast as an xbox one controller
Teemo Mixz
Teemo Mixz 10 hours ago
Asus rog phone 3: gets 22-25 fps on ultra my 2 year old laptop: gets 1-5 fps on minecraft with the lowest graphics
M R 10 hours ago
I love Riley he's so cute.
MYDEAS 10 hours ago
this man's IQ really hurts he probably will fail I'm a human test
Renvis 10 hours ago
Itsneight 10 hours ago
loves James videos... really wish he did more. MUCH better than watching Unbox Therapy or some other shill and CERTAINLY better than Riley any day of any week. Airpods Pro (like all Apple products) are a JOKE. $30 product, $300 Apple/idiot tax.
94dodgedude 10 hours ago
F/1 sounds amazing until you realize that with the crop factor it's basically a 75mm f/1.5 so it's slower than a full frame with an f/1.4 lens. Great optics are great, but if it was a full frame f/1 lens that would be really impressive. The reason the leica looks softer is because it's meant for use with a full frame sensor. With a crop sensor camera you're zooming in on the center of the lens, magnifying any defects. The leica can let in more than a full stop more on a full frame sensored camera thus the crazy high price.
Kevin Jeanguenat
Kevin Jeanguenat 10 hours ago
Power play is actually amazing and any mouse that is lacking compatibility is a no for me